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Artificial flowers to meet every occasion !

The Petal Parlour specialises in artificial flowers for all occasions . We can provide bouquets , flowers boxes or centrepieces . We always use the highest quality silk flowers and foliage & every order is completely custom made. Please get in contact if you are considering artificial flowers for your big day!

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Creating Forever Flowers, where customers do not need to compromise on quality in order to achieve a cost effective service

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About The Petal Parlour

Elegant. Classic. Affordable.

The Petal Parlour specialises in artificial flowers for weddings and events. The slogan here is 'Creating Forever Flowers'. When setting up this business, I felt so passionate about ensuring my clients had a special keepsake from their day. I wanted to ensure that every order was completely affordable and personalised. I pride myself on the flowers being the best possible quality, and each order is honestly made with love and care. I have always loved flowers and been a creative soul, and so having this as my job is like a dream. Please be rest assured that I have a floristry diploma and a retail operations qualification, to ensure that all elements of my business remain professional. Please browse through the page and contact me for any queries.

Lucy x 

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How is The Petal Parlour different from other florists?

The Petal Parlour firstly deals with artificial flowers rather than fresh flowers. The idea behind this was based on the inflation of fresh flowers and how that was causing arrangements to be so expensive for weddings and events. I thought if somebody was to pay so much for flowers, thy should at least be able to keep them forever! 
This business is my pride and joy and so I personally meet all my suppliers and test out products to ensure the best quality for my customers. Each order is handmade and packaged myself which means every last detail is seen to before it is shipped out to you.

Why artificial flowers?

As I have previously mentioned, I wanted to ensure that my customers were able to keep their flowers forever after spending their hard earned money for them!

  • Practically, artificial flowers are the way forward for me. It means I am able to buy them way in advance and tweak your order as many times as needed to make sure everything is perfect before you receive your flowers. 

  • It means that out of season flowers can be obtained and used, which was a massive element for me.

  • Artificial flowers are hypoallergenic and also pet-friendly, which I think is hugely important, especially for weddings or large events. 

  • However, one of the main reasons for me was the fact that they are cost effective. Fresh flowers are becoming increasingly more expensive. That means they are more expensive to source, and therefore more expensive for you to buy. Artificial flowers mean I can buy in bulk or purchase flowers out of season, and this then brings the price down for me, and as a result for you. You should be able to enjoy planning your event without the constant stress of money, and I hope that with my fair prices ,  I can help create a stress-free process

What are The Petal Parlour's prices?

A basic price list can be found on the website. Bridal bouquets start from £55 , however, each order is completely personalised and so a final quote will be given upon consultation. This is so you can ensure that your flowers are truly made to the way you want them!

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Price List

Take Your Pick

Bouquets :
Bridal- starting from £55
Bridesmaid- starting from £35
Flower Girl- £20

Standard- £75
Extended- £200
Garland- TBC after consultation


Standard- £6

Double- £8

All the Essentials:

1 Bridal Bouquet

3 Bridesmaid Bouquet's

1 Flower Girl

4 buttonholes

Free Delivery


Bells and Whistles:

1 Bridal Bouquet

4 Bridesmaid Bouquets

2 Flower Girl Wands

8 Buttonholes

1 Extended Centrpiece


Flowers Galore:

1 Bridal Bouquet ( any style)

4 Bridesmaid Bouquets (any style)

2 Flower Girl Wands

8 Buttonholes

2 Corsages / Double Buttonholes

1 Extended Centrepiece

1 Cake Topper

3 Standard Centrepieces OR 10 Mason Jars Filled With Flowers


For any other enquiries, please get in contact 

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Client Testimonials

Fuelled By Customer Satisfaction

Home: Testimonials

Event flowers

"Thank you so much for my beautiful flowers they are absolutely perfect and exactly what i was wanting for my theme. Amazing customer service, can't recommend you enough!"

Wedding Flowers

"Thank you SO SO much for the flowers. We loved them so much. My now husband thought they were real. I was stunned with just how amazing they were"

"Thank you so much for our amazing flowers for our wedding. Was a bit sceptical of artificial , however so many people commented on the day with how beautiful and real looking they were. We saved a fortune and defo didn't miss out on quality. Thanks again to Lucy for creating such amazing flowers and keeping us updated throughout"

Wedding flowers

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